UVID 2018

The field of unmanned systems is driving economic and technological  growth in the current era. For many decades, this field has focused on military uses by Western powers.

A few years ago, unmanned systems for institutional, security and civil uses burst into the field as an expanding global trend. This trend opens the field to new areas of activity - technological, physical, legal, economic, and mainly brings this industry into the public space.

With the background of developments in this field, UVID conference initiated by Israel Defense was created with the aim of concentrating a single strategic vision of unmanned aerial, naval and ground systems. It also aims to develop a dialogue and build a common world of knowledge for the wider community engaging in building the power and operation of this fascinating field.

The UVID Conference is the traditional meeting place for all stakeholders in the field of unmanned systems in Israel, attending by Israeli and international leaders and decision-makers. This year, for the 7th consecutive year, the conference will take place on November 8th, 2018 at the Avenue Events Hall in Airport City, Israel.

The theme of this year’s conference will be: “Unmanned Systems - Exploring New Frontiers”

Among the conference main themes:

  • Tasks of Unmanned Systems in the Present Day and Leading Trends for the Future -Military, Security and Civilian
  • Integration of Unmanned Systems in Various Spaces
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Ground-Controlled Vehicles, Unmanned Naval Vehicles, Underwater Vehicles and and Synergy between Systems
  • Modern Survivability and Threats from / to Unmanned Vehicles, Threat of Attackers and Coping with Them - in cooperation with SOSA
  • Civil and Commercial Applications - Challenges, Opportunities, Threats and Potential - in cooperation with the Israeli Association of UAVs, the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce
  • Autonomous vs. Automatic : Operations 2030 - Remotely-Operated vs. Autonomous Systems from a Technological and Operational Standpoint
  • Innovation in Unmanned Systems - in Israel and Around the World
  • Commercial Aspects of Unmanned Systems
  • Legal Aspects in Operating Unmanned Systems - Global Trends
  • The Global "Arms Race" and Market Trends in the Field