Dr. Shaul Eliahou-Niv

Innovation and advanced concepts for R & D in the defense industry - Applications in the unmanned craft discipline

Dr. Shaul Eliahou Niv is currently the Chief Scientist of the Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. Prior to that Dr.
Eliahou-Niv held the position of Director of Intellectual Property at the company headquarter.
Dr. Niv received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and MicroElectronics from the faculty of Engineering in Tel Aviv University.
Dr. Eliahou-Niv received his Ph.D. In 1996, from the Department of Heat transfer and Fluid mechanics from the faculty of Engineering of TelAviv University.
Dr. Niv specialized in MEMS and Piezoelectric materials.
Dr. Niv professional experience spreads over both academic and
industrial disciplines, bearing many scientific publications as well as registered patents.