LTC Menahem Landau

Unmanned Systems, Concepts and Applications in the Modern Battlefield

LTC Menahem Landau is Head of UAV Branch at IMOD/DDR&D Aeronautical Division.
His responsibilities include R&D activities for all related domains, operational and technological concepts, platforms, payloads, communications, propulsion, operator stations etc. In addition he is the IMOD Program Manager for development of UAV and Drone systems for the IDF.
Previous assignments include positions responsible for R&D, development and fielding of UGS systems, electro-optical weapon systems at IMOD, tactical UAVs for battalion and brigade echelons at IMOD and IDF/GFC/Operational Requirements Dept. and as a program officer at the Technological Division of IDF/GFC.
He served as an officer in the IDF Artillery Corps.
LTC Landau is an engineer with a B Sc. in Mechanical and Electro-Optical Engineering from the Technion.