Mr. Alon Unger


Alon Unger is the Chairman and founder of the Unmanned Vehicles Israel Defense (UVID) Conferences, which he considers as his life's project to establish a yearly professional international conference for the UAV community in Israel.
He is a senior UAV Pilot and Operator with more than 26 years of experience and over 7,500 flight hours on various UAVs (MUAVs, tactical UAVs and MALE UAVs) and he holds a Remote Pilot Permit from the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA).
For many years, Alon served in the Israeli Air Force as senior commander with various operational field units as well as at IAF HQ. For the last 11 years' Alon holds positions and gain experience in the defense industry with focus on management, strategy, business development, concept development and system engineering, trial and experiments, operations and integration, in both Israel and abroad. He is also taking part as a team member and research colleague as an UAV expert at Strategic Working Groups in leading Institutions in Israel.
Alon is a staff member and contributor at Israel Defense Magazine. Through a cooperative alliance with Israel Defense, Alon initiated and produced the UVID Conference where he holds the position of Conferences Chairman and a professional writer as an expert on the subject of unmanned systems. He is a popular, in-demand speaker at conferences on UAVs.
Alon is an alumnus of the "Hebrew Reali School" at Haifa; he has a bachelor's degree in economics and accounting from Haifa University and a master's degree (Cum Laude) in business management from the College of Management, Rishon LeZion.