UVID 2016 // The 3rd Generation of Unmanned Systems & Future Trends

This year’s conference was dedicated to the emergence of the 3rd Generation of Unmanned Vehicles--a significant and comprehensive process worldwide. 

2016 Conference Theme: “The 3rd Generation of Unmanned Systems & Future Trends”

Conference Topics:

  • The global 'arms race' and market trends in the field
  • Integration of unmanned systems in modern warfare – concepts and technologies
  • The presence of unmanned vehicles on current and future battlefields
  • UAVs, UGVs, USVs, UUVs and the synergy between these systems
  • Survivability and modern threats to unmanned vehicles
  • The challenges of the unmanned layout – operation, development & maintenance
  • Lessons learned and intersystem insights
  • Breakthrough technologies
  • Commercial aspects of unmanned systems

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